Remote support will allow Computers @ The Lake to connect to your computer and take control remotely to help walk you through whatever issue you may be facing.

Click on the button below.
You will be directed to a web page that will download a key (executable file) that will let me connect to your computer automatically.

Download Remote Support Software

If there is no automatic download, see if your browser security is blocking the download. Try refreshing the page or hitting the try again button.

Once you've downloaded TeamViewerQS.exe please activate it by clicking on it (double clicking if not in downloads list)

Add your name to the pop up window

Once your name is entered, I should be able to connect.
Please give me a call at (218) 656-0095 to notify me that you're ready.

When I initiate the connection it will ask you to allow the connection.
That's it!

This program will only allow me to connect while it is running. When you close the program I will no longer be able to access your computer. You have full rights to disconnect from me at any point during the remote assistance. Your privacy and security is important.