►Network Engineering
  • Your WiFi isn't everything. Every smart home or business relies on a solid network structure. POS systems, VOIP, Printers, Smart TVs, or any device that can connect to a network.

►I.T. Consulting especially for Construction
  • Always be sure you've planned for everything. When building a new home or business, consider having an experienced consultant who is up to date on the latest and greatest in technology.
  • Assure you're future proof.

►Wireless Networks
  • Strong reliable WiFi.
  • With experience in everything from obscure small residential homes to large scale commercial developments. Both indoor and outdoor. With the ability to send your WiFi for Miles.

►Smart Home Management
  • There always seems to be a new toy to get for your home. Need someone to set it up? I can help.

►Audio/Visual Systems Design
  • Entertainment centers, theaters, studios, I can help make it happen.

►Custom Desktop Computers
  • Free estimates.
  • Reliable desktops for office, production, gaming, virtual reality, and simulation setups.

►Virus and Malware removal
  • Thorough computer scans and removal of all malicious software.